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Hey guys u am back due to a problem i had to abondon the project boombox a a time being I ll Start Updating My TECH BLOG by may be the eve of New year .This time with a new concept and many More.

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There may be no update until i get my project completed .I am On a Project  “Rock Box(or Boom Box)”. Its a Project related to iPhone .As Soon As i COmpleted i will show you all the details

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Microsoft working on its own Tegra-powered superphone? Doubtful.

The popular rumor floating around at the moment is that Microsoft intends to announce self-branded handsets powered by NVIDIA’s beefy Tegra architecture for next-gen phones and MIDs at the GSMA’s Mobile World Congress in February of next year. Let’s put aside for a moment the fact that Redmond continues to vehemently deny having any interest in getting into the hardware end of its Windows Mobile racket — concealing the truth is a part of doing competitive business, after all — and turn our attention to the practical matter of whether this makes any sense whatsoever. First off, Windows Mobile’s strength lies in its incredibly deep and wide partner base, a base that includes visionary teams at HTC, Samsung, LG, Motorola, and countless others. With Android and Symbian finally becoming viable opportunities for third-party manufacturers, Microsoft doesn’t want to do anything that’s going to hasten the revolt before it’s able to wrap up version 7 (or at the very least, 6.5) — and competing with your own licensees would be a bang-up way to do that. Granted, Microsoft did exactly that by introducing Zune following the PlaysForSure initiative, but let’s be honest: Windows Mobile and Zune don’t play in the same league. Zune’s a hobby, a side gig; WinMo’s a monster, a long-term cash cow that’s got to be treated with the same franchise tag as Windows itself.

Second off, Microsoft now has Danger to keep it busy — and Danger’s core competencies have a long way to go to stretch Tegra to its limits, so we don’t think we’ll be seeing any superphones out of those guys any time soon. The more likely scenario is that Microsoft will use its Danger acquisition to step up its consumer-friendly mobile media game, which jibes with talk of a Zune-like smartphone codenamed “Pink” that could be announced early next year sans Tegra. With Windows Mobile looking still looking every bit as stuffy as it did five years ago, the company’s flagship mobile platform is still at least one or two major generations out from morphing into a catch-all that can look equally at ease in the schoolbag or the enterprise — a coup RIM has managed to pull off, coincidentally — and in the meantime, Hiptop is arguably a better starting point with more street cred under its belt, especially considering that Hiptop and Zune are both closed platforms.

So let’s run with the assumptions that: a) Pink does exist, and b) it’s basically Danger’s baby. That game plan prevents Microsoft from rocking the WinMo licensee boat (or yacht, as the case may be) — and every indication is that traditional players are still going full-steam ahead with Windows Mobile 6.5, a platform that actually stands a fighting chance of putting Tegra through its paces (one need look no further than TouchFLO 3D for evidence of that). How does this play out, then? The same as always, we’d wager — Microsoft graciously takes the stage with hardware partners at MWC next year, co-announcing a handful of Tegra-powered phones underpinned by the next generation of Windows Mobile. Now get back to Windows 7, Xbox 720, and making decent mice, Microsoft. And let Danger do its thing, alright?

Fedora 10 goes live: your download awaits

Just six short months after Fedora 9 hit the tubes, in flies Fedora 10 to give you something new to tinker with over Thanksgiving break. The latest iteration of the Linux-based OS bundles in OpenOffice 3.0 and touts a “wide range of improvements in areas such as virtualization management, networking, boot time and security.” Don’t mind us, though — you can delve as deep as you like in the release notes while your download progresses.

[Via PC World]


    Amazon gets Black Friday started early, shows off a few deals

    You’re thinking about it. Your spouse is thinking about it. Your kids are thinking about it. And yes, your NXE Avatar is thinking about it, too. Black Friday is but hours away, and you still haven’t conjured up the courage to get up at 3:00AM and venture out to save a grand total of $14.97 (pre-tax). Never fear, as the world’s most spectacular e-tailer is here with a slew of deals to keep you firmly planted. Amazon’s going all out on the day after Thanksgiving, but it’s also giving early birds the opportunity to snag a few specials on the run-up to the big day. We won’t spoil anything here, but be sure and give the read link a look if you’re all about saving some dough and staying home.

    TrueMotion 3D enables true motion control

    While the Wiimote opened the door to motion-sensitive gaming, it’s obvious limitations even have Nintendo pushing the tech forward with add-ons like the MotionPlus — but a company called Sixense might have leapfrogged the field with a system called TrueMotion 3D. Rather than relying solely on an accelerometer, this controller uses a magnetic field to track both your hands’ positions in 3D space. With a refresh rate of ten milliseconds and accuracy up to a millimeter, and interest from developers including Activision and EA, this guy could someday relegate your Sixaxis to the back of your junk drawer — right next to your old Atari’s paddle controller. Not convinced? Scope the tell-all demo after the break.

    READ – video at Engineering TV
    READ – Sixense website

    PS3 firmware v2.53 bringing full screen Flash support

    It seems like just yesterday (or last month, to be more exact) that we were enjoying the spoils of firmware 2.50, and now, Sony’s giving us a little pre-Thanksgiving treat with version 2.53. Slated to hit the wires sometime on November 26th, the latest PlayStation 3 update will bring along full-screen Flash support (huzzah!) among other minor tweaks. Check the full changelog in the read link, and get ready to get your download on tomorrow.

    [Image courtesy of Skattertech]

    Awethumb is amaathing!

    Whittling might have been a hoax and Blackberry massages just a ruse, but the Awethumb is all too real — and all too freaking amazing. Yeah, we’re not at all sure that these $8 plastic thumbguards — available in your choice of colors! — will actually protect you from repetitive stress or even make typing easier, but all the dudes and dudettes on the El train will know you mean business when you slip ’em on. As an added bonus, lack of compatibility with the iPhone will allow you to express your disdain for touchscreens in a satisfyingly dramatic way — if you can’t rock it with an Awethumb, you’re not rockin’. Ah, to be young and ensheathed in plastic thumb protectors. Frankly astounding video after the break.

    Awethumb is amaathing! – Engadget

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