HP reveals multi-touch TouchSmart tx2 convertible tablet

While HP mistakenly claims that its sparkly new (but previously rumored) TouchSmart tx2 is the world’s first multi-touch consumer notebook, we’re still decidedly stoked about this here convertible tablet. Boasting a 12.1-inch swivel display (LED-backlit) that’s just dying to have your prints all over it, the tx2 will come loaded with Windows Vista, a bezel-mounted fingerprint reader, integrated webcam with microphone, Bluetooth / WiFi, stereo speakers, a 5-in-1 multicard reader and a LightScribe SuperMulti DVD burner. HP’s also delivering the oh-so-stylish Reaction Imprint exterior, an AMD Turion X2 dual-core processor, the firm’s own MediaSmart 2.0 software, a VGA output, Ethernet and at least one USB port from the looks of things. You’re supposed to be able to add one of these to your digital shopping cart right now via HP’s own webstore or Amazon.com, but both links currently lead to sections of the intarwebz you don’t ever, ever want to see. Hold tight — we’ve a feeling HP will be getting really official with this one momentarily. Check Laptop’s hands-on with the unit in the video after the break.

Read – TouchSmart tx2 microsite
Read – Hands-on with TouchSmart tx2

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  1. touchsmart tx2 Says:

    It’s not easy to get excited about a new laptop, but HP has certainly reeled us in with its Touchsmart TX2 notebook. Ok, we’re s******s for novelty, but we like the idea of a tablet-like screen to follow us around the desk, not

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