Gameloft to Bring ‘Hero of Sparta’ and ‘Brothers in Arms’ to iPhone

The Guardian reports on two ambitious games coming from Gameloft before the end of the year.

The first title called Brothers in Arms: Hour of Heros is a described as a 3D third-person perspective WWI actioner featuring jeep and tank driving and onfoot shooting. The Guardian reports that the game uses a virtual D-pad for movement.

The second title is called Hero of Sparta and is a God of War style 3rd parson “hack-n-slasher”.

Again it features an onscreen D-Pad as well as contextual options like hit, defend, change weapons, etc. During combat, stringing together a range of moves results in an icon appearing onscreen – if this is repeatedly tapped quickly enough, you get a special finishing move.

VIDEO-Gameloft has posted a cinematic trailer for Hero of Sparta


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