T-Mobile Samsung Behold Lightning Review

The Gadget: Samsung’s Behold, T-Mobile’s slice of touchscreen feature phone pie with a Korea-style five-megapixel camera and Sammy’s “innovative” TouchWiz UI.

The Price: $150 after the standard rebate and two-year contract

The Verdict: The Behold fills the hole in T-Mobile’s lineup for a not-quite-smart feature phone: It does a lot of the stuff a smartphone will do, like web browsing and email, just you know, not quite as capably as a real smartphone, or even as well as its cousin, the Instinct (even before it got better with its most recent round of updates). The web browser is bleh for anything but mobile sites since T-Mobile does you the favor of translating pages, which tends to butcher more complicated ones, and the email client won’t do standard IMAP or POP. The IM client is slow, though not terrible, but either way, you can’t really install your own apps to rectify the situation.

So what’s good? The touchscreen is one more of the responsive ones that Samsung has put out, a hair better than the Instinct, and the keyboard layout is pretty good too, though I wish the space bar was bigger. The TouchWiz UI is attractive and easy to use, even if it’s only skin deep—once you go past the widget-y “desktop,” you’re dumped into a more generic, though not exactly ugly, cellphone UI.

The 5MP camera, though not miraculous, is better than most of the ones in these kinds of phones by a long shot, with satisfactory noise levels and a decent suite of basic photo editing that’ll let you adjust fundamentals like contrast and color, crop or add crazy effects. I wish the flash were a little stronger and the autofocus were a little faster, though.

Overall, it’s what you’d expect out of a feature phone—it’ll do a lot of things, just none of them amazingly. If you’re a T-Mobile customer, for the money, I’d go with a G1—it lacks polish in some places, and the hardware isn’t nearly as tight as the Behold’s, but you’ll get more out of it.


One Response to “T-Mobile Samsung Behold Lightning Review”

  1. bre Says:

    man i love tha behold and i hope it is a qood phone cause i just payed tha money fa it when i went to tha t-mobile store they wouldnt let me test a g1 but they let me test a behold and omq i love it tha t-mobile 2008 sidekick is ass DONT BUY IT waste of money space bar stops workinq after a week i went throuqh 2 sidekick2008 so dont buy

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