Pasen is dead, long live Pasen’s new REI-16 PMP

Pasen is dead, long live Pasen's new REI-16 PMP
To say that we’ve been underwhelmed by Pasen’s offerings thus far would be like calling the Meizu M8 slightly delayed, but supposedly we’re in for a pleasant surprise when next we meet a player from the company. The brand has been bought out by Italian Kiwii LTD and is pledging that those awful interfaces and stolen icons are things of the past. The proof will be in the REI-16 PMP, pictured above serving as a precarious looking wheel chock. It should make for a better media player, and while details are few it’s said to offer a “gorgeous” 3-inch touchscreen, “sexy” user interface, and support “tons” of audio and video formats (including ogg). An integrated FM transmitter will pipe tunes to your car, plus there’s video output for your TV and even emulation for 8-bit console games. It certainly sounds promising, but we’ll have wait for the full specs and some hands-on impressions before we can call Pasen reborn or just rebranded.