Acer yells “me too!” while shoving Core i7-based Aspire M7720 out the door

Ah, the deluge of gaming rigs that comes after each and every major CPU announcement made by Intel. As the overflow slows to a trickle, Acer is looking to get its rig out before it just seems like old hat. The purported Aspire M7720, which was announced over in Taiwan, will arrive in a relatively drab chassis and house a potent Core i7 processor, 3GB of DDR3 RAM, a 750GB hard drive and ATI Radeon HD 4850 graphics with 1GB of memory. There’s no definitive word on when the rig will actually leave the dock and head stateside, but considering that it’s already behind the eight ball, we’d put our money (speaking of, it’ll start around $1,200) on soon.[Via Electronista]



    ASUS summons Core i7 power in ROG CG6190 gaming desktop

    If you thought your ARES CG6155 was hot stuff during the sweltering summer, well, you were right. Sadly, your bragging days have come to an end, as a new era of cutting-edge buyers are fixing to one-up you with the purchase of ASUS’ ROG CG6190. Timed to be released alongside Intel’s potent Core i7 processor, this beast is built around the X58 chipset and includes an eye-catching chassis, 52% faster processing speed in 3D gaming applications (thanks, overclocked Core i7!), up to 12GB of DDR3 RAM and support for an NVIDIA triple-SLI GPU setup or an ATI CrossFireX rig. You’ll also notice a biometric fingerprint scanner, a unique 2-kilowatt dual power system, customized liquid cooling modules and a SupremeFX X-Fi audio card. As ASUS loves to do, we’re left in the dark on pricing, but we’d guess it’ll launch somewhere between expensive and ludicrously pricey here soon.

    Dell’s Core i7-powered XPS 730x reviewed: potent and pricey, like it should be

    Whenever Intel (or AMD, for that matter) drops a wicked quick new chip, everyone knows it ain’t gonna be cheap. Critics over at Computer Shopper would like to remind you to keep that in mind as you scope out Dell’s Core i7-powered XPS 730x, ’cause the thing sports a price tag that’s rather absurd. Dollars and cents aside, the machine is about as powerful as one could hope, offering enough muscle to churn through the most demanding of games. The biggest issue these reviewers had was that many other capable Core i7 rigs could put up similar FPS numbers for substantially less dough, and in the end, it didn’t find the flash in Dell’s enclosure to be worth the surcharge. Granted, that didn’t stop the beast from snagging an 8.1 out of 10 on the review scale, but that’s probably assuming you’ve got the disposable income lying around and ready to burn.