Here at Engadget, we hold a special place in our hearts for Mr. Jason Calacanis, but regardless of whose name is on the pink slip, there’s no denying that the vehicle you’re peering at above just struck all sorts of jealousy in your chest. This Very Orange (seriously) Tesla Roadster is one of the very first to be produced with the revamped drivetrain, and according to the lucky (lucky!) souls over at AutoblogGreen who were able to give it a go, the “new, higher torque motor immediately made its presence felt.” All that aside, we know you’re here for the photos, so head on down to the read link when you’ve got ten or so free minutes to shuffle through. Let’s just say you’ll have a new appreciation for one Drew Phillips (photographer) when you’re done treating your retinas.

ASUS Eee PC 1002HA hands-on and video: looks a lot like the S101

The folks over at Laptop have gotten some quality face time with a pre-production model of ASUS’ 10-inch Eee PC 1002 HA, and they seem to like a lot of what they’re seeing. It boasts stylings reminiscent of both the Eee PC S101 (trackpad) and the 1000H (keyboard), and as such is basically a hybridized version of the two, though the test model “wouldn’t power on” so we can’t got much further than that. We do however, know that it’ll house a 1.6 GHz Intel Atom CPU with 1GB of RAM and a 160GB hard drive, and that it’ll have a two-cell battery which ASUS claims will give users five hours of juice (though that sounds pretty suspect to us). The Eee PC 1002 HA is expected to ready to roar on the first of December for $499, but if you simply can’t wait until then to have a look at it, hit the read like for more photos and a really, really interesting video.


Mercedes-Benz’s myCOMMAND system demoed on video

With Chrysler pushing out an internet-connected package of its own, Mercedes-Benz is attempting to stay one step ahead with the intelligent, intuitive myCOMMAND system. Our pals at Autoblog were able to get a bit of hands-on time with the new setup at the LA Auto Show, and they were kind enough to host up a near-5 minute video showing off its most attractive features. They reiterated that what was being taped was simply a concept for now, but there’s zero doubt that the automaker is looking to get this into production as soon as feasibly possible. Hit the read link for a look at the clip, but be sure and pull over first.


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ASUS Eee Top launched

by Thomas Ricker,

Our brothers in gadgetry over at Engadget Chinese are at ASUS’ Eee Top unveiling in Taipei. They’ve already been hands-on with the 15.6-inch all-in-one touchscreen PC and consider the build quality to be “ok,” consistent with the traditional (read: non-S101) Eee PC netbooks. And while it includes an “Easy Mode” UI that runs on top of XP, launch anything other than an ASUS-built application and you’re right back into XP’s less finger-friendly interface. That’s where the included stylus (hidden in the keyboard) comes into play. We also have a price: 18,900 Taiwanese dollars which is a tax inclusive price of about $580 in the US. It’s available today in ASUS’ home of Taiwan — everyone else will have to wait for their local announcements. ‘Till then, pics, plenty of pics.
Update: Today’s announcement is only for model ET1602. The ET1603 with better graphics and battery (whose existence is in dispute based on contradictory press reports and product specs) is still not available.
Update 2: Added ASUS promotional video after the break — only thing it’s missing is Bruce Lee. [Thanks, Sascha]

Gallery: ASUS Eee Top

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