G1’s browser getting hijacked like a cab in Liberty City?

There’s already been a G1 firmware pushed out to patch up a browser security issue, but you know how it goes with those — two flaws seem to magically sprout up in place of every one that’s snuffed out. It’s unclear exactly what’s going on here, but some G1 users are reporting that attempting to visit Yahoo!’s home page is intermittently redirecting them to a totally legit-looking page imploring them to download some bogus Microsoft AntiSpyware crap — and while we’re thinking that this fake site was intended to target slightly larger computers of the Windows variety, it’s disturbing that this redirect somehow managed to filter down to Android. It could be a DNS hack or a problem with T-Mobile’s proxies, in which case the G1’s own defenses are absolved for the time being, but that’s not much comfort for Joe Yahoo-User, now is it?