Mercedes-Benz’s myCOMMAND system demoed on video

With Chrysler pushing out an internet-connected package of its own, Mercedes-Benz is attempting to stay one step ahead with the intelligent, intuitive myCOMMAND system. Our pals at Autoblog were able to get a bit of hands-on time with the new setup at the LA Auto Show, and they were kind enough to host up a near-5 minute video showing off its most attractive features. They reiterated that what was being taped was simply a concept for now, but there’s zero doubt that the automaker is looking to get this into production as soon as feasibly possible. Hit the read link for a look at the clip, but be sure and pull over first.


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Chrysler’s Web Edition vehicle package: includes WiFi, iPod touch and a Dell Mini 9

Chrysler has been toying with in-car connectivity for months now, so it’s really no shock to see the next logical step being taken. At the San Francisco Auto Show this week, the automaker is set to showcase a “Web Edition” package, which would theoretically be available as a dealer-installed option for most Chrysler, Jeep, and Dodge vehicles. The bundle would include an Autonet Mobile router (branded as Uconnect Web), a Dell Mini 9, 8GB iPod touch, Sony PSP and an Eye-Fi WiFi SD card; couple that with one year of internet service and you’ve got everything that makes up the $1,999 asking price. Reportedly, a slimmed down option will go for $1,100 and only include the router, service and Mini 9, though there’s no indication of when it’ll be hitting new whips. Nor if Chrysler will survive long enough to tell us.