Dell’s Inspiron 1425 leaked: like the 1420, but slimmer?

You really never know what you’ll run across when sifting through PDF’s on Dell’s website, so we’re not at all flabbergasted to hear that an all new machine has popped up courtesy of a completely random Product Safety, EMC and Environmental datasheet. The heretofore unheard of Inspiron 1425 now has its very own safety sheet on the outfit’s official site, and it seems that two variants are listed (FT01 and FT02). Tipster SalientPilot rightfully points out that this machine looks to be just a hair slimmer and lighter than the existing Inspiron 1420, and given the November 18th “effective date,” it sure smells fresh. Obviously, we’ve no clue if or when the Round Rock powerhouse will get around to doling out the official goods on this elusive machine, but we’d say this is probably reason enough to hold off on that impending 1420 purchase until we see what’s what. [Warning: PDF read links]

Read – Inspiron 1425 FT01
Read – Inspiron 1425 FT02



Dell adds $100 32GB SSD option to Inspiron Mini 9

Sure, the base price of Dell’s Inspiron Mini 9 is pretty palatable, but good luck passing through that hard drive selection screen with this option unchecked. Yep, as now, Mini 9 buyers can opt for a capacious 32GB solid state drive (a luxury already available in Japan), which is a $100 upgrade over the standard 4GB SSD. Enticing enough to make you finally pull the trigger?