Dell adds $100 32GB SSD option to Inspiron Mini 9

Sure, the base price of Dell’s Inspiron Mini 9 is pretty palatable, but good luck passing through that hard drive selection screen with this option unchecked. Yep, as now, Mini 9 buyers can opt for a capacious 32GB solid state drive (a luxury already available in Japan), which is a $100 upgrade over the standard 4GB SSD. Enticing enough to make you finally pull the trigger?


Chrysler’s Web Edition vehicle package: includes WiFi, iPod touch and a Dell Mini 9

Chrysler has been toying with in-car connectivity for months now, so it’s really no shock to see the next logical step being taken. At the San Francisco Auto Show this week, the automaker is set to showcase a “Web Edition” package, which would theoretically be available as a dealer-installed option for most Chrysler, Jeep, and Dodge vehicles. The bundle would include an Autonet Mobile router (branded as Uconnect Web), a Dell Mini 9, 8GB iPod touch, Sony PSP and an Eye-Fi WiFi SD card; couple that with one year of internet service and you’ve got everything that makes up the $1,999 asking price. Reportedly, a slimmed down option will go for $1,100 and only include the router, service and Mini 9, though there’s no indication of when it’ll be hitting new whips. Nor if Chrysler will survive long enough to tell us.


Dell’s Inspiron Mini 9 and 12 get artist makeovers

In recent months we’ve seen Dell’s design department running wild with new colors and art for a lot of their models, such as the Studio 15 and 17 laptops, and the announcement that customizable jobs were on the table for 2009. It probably should come as no surprise, then, to see the Inspiron Mini 9 and 12 get some love, too — this time in five patterns by artist Tristan Eaton. Otherwise the same under the hood, the paint-jobbed Minis will run you an extra $50 over the base price of each respective model — $349 for the Mini 9 and $549 for the Mini 12. Check out two more shots of the upgrades after the break.