New leaked images of upcoming Nokia E75

For those of you awaiting this QWERTY-slider from Nokia, new pics of the E75 has been spotted out in the wild and leaked pics are now online. There is a decent 2.4″ screen which looks to cramp up the alphanumeric keypad a bit but a quick slide reveals a QWERTY keypad for more roomy messaging. There isn’t much new info at this point unfortunately but at least we can make out FP2 now that there’s a clear image of the display. Slim and sexy, no question – let’s hope Nokia managed to stuff a decent battery in there somehow. Still no details on release or pricing, but there are a few more pics for your viewing pleasure after the jump!


Nokia warns that KIRF phones(So Called”Chinese Phones”) are a threat to personal safety, national security

Over the years, Nokia handsets have fallen victim to the infamous KIRFing process time, and time, and time again. Evidently the suits up in Espoo have had enough, as evidenced by a new marketing campaign urging bargain hunters in India to avoid unbranded / duplicate handsets. The ad, which was spotted in the Mumbai Mirror, is comical in a number of ways. For starters, the notion that “originals last forever” is obviously misleading untrue, and secondly, the whole “instilling fear” tactic is severely unnecessary. Nokia asserts that all KIRF handsets lack an IMEI number, and thus owning one “could be a threat to your safety and national security.” Or is that longhand for “a threat to Nokia’s bottom line?”


Nokia planning touch-less, gesture-controlled devices?

Usually when we’re talking about Nokia and patents, a mention of Qualcomm can’t be far behind. This time however, we’re looking at something entirely less boring, fascinating even: ultra-sound sensors that detect hand gestures in the air in front of the device. Now the stretch. Nokia’s chief designer, Alastair Curtis, was asked at a recent cocktail party why Nokia’s N-series of multimedia devices have yet to see a multi-touch interface, Curtis replied, “We’ve not launched what we think is right for N-series in a touch product. You’ll see in the coming months, years… what we feel is right.” Curtis then elaborated, “Much as I’m talking to you now with gestures.” Hmm. Ok Alastair, if such devices are in the chute, as long as they don’t resemble the Palm V-series… we’re cool.

Read — Patent application
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Nokia N96 Bruce Lee Edition: the only thing tougher than Chuck Norris

OMG OMG OMG… sorry, but our inner Japanese school-girl was just unleashed with the arrival of the Nokia N96 Bruce Lee Edition. If Nokia had any sense, they’d expand the action-doll bundle to the world beyond Hong Kong. Even for 8,788 Chinese Yuan (about $1,286) we’re seriously tempted. Watch Bruce clean up at ping pong in the Nokia video posted after the break — no, really.