Fedora 10 goes live: your download awaits

Just six short months after Fedora 9 hit the tubes, in flies Fedora 10 to give you something new to tinker with over Thanksgiving break. The latest iteration of the Linux-based OS bundles in OpenOffice 3.0 and touts a “wide range of improvements in areas such as virtualization management, networking, boot time and security.” Don’t mind us, though — you can delve as deep as you like in the release notes while your download progresses.

[Via PC World]



    Meizu M8 Flash demo hits the scene, looks mighty familiar

    How much ASCII will be spilled, how much bandwidth utilized on this legendary (if vaporous) iPhone killer before it becomes a real reality? Like the tail end of a torrid love affair, we’re not even sure if it’s the phone itself that we dig or the soap opera that we enjoy so much. And now, hot on the heels of the hands-on video that has captured the imagination of the entire world, Meizu has posted a flash demo of the M8’s UI for those of you thirsting for a closer look at the thing. SPOILER ALERT: It bears a strong resemblance to the interface of a certain Apple product.