HP’s HDX18 desktop replacement reviewed: rocks those socks right off

It’s takes a — how do you say? — special type of person to get all jazzed about an 18-inch laptop, but given that there’s a solid chance you’re one of those folks, we figured it prudent to pass along PC World‘s review of HP’s beastly HDX18. Obviously designed with multimedia in mind and to possibly take the place of your desktop, this sucker performed satisfactorily in all the basic, everyday tasks as well as those media playing duties. It’s not meant for hardcore gamers, but you probably already knew that. Amazingly, the included battery lasted nearly three hours before petering out, which is pretty astounding for an 8.9-pound energy destroyer. At the end of the day, critics found enough to love to slap down a 90 out of 100 rating, noting that anyone crazy enough to want a “laptop” this big (save for FPS freaks) would likely find lots to love. In more ways than one.

Dell’s Core i7-powered XPS 730x reviewed: potent and pricey, like it should be

Whenever Intel (or AMD, for that matter) drops a wicked quick new chip, everyone knows it ain’t gonna be cheap. Critics over at Computer Shopper would like to remind you to keep that in mind as you scope out Dell’s Core i7-powered XPS 730x, ’cause the thing sports a price tag that’s rather absurd. Dollars and cents aside, the machine is about as powerful as one could hope, offering enough muscle to churn through the most demanding of games. The biggest issue these reviewers had was that many other capable Core i7 rigs could put up similar FPS numbers for substantially less dough, and in the end, it didn’t find the flash in Dell’s enclosure to be worth the surcharge. Granted, that didn’t stop the beast from snagging an 8.1 out of 10 on the review scale, but that’s probably assuming you’ve got the disposable income lying around and ready to burn.