Motorola’s Hint QA30 gets official

Motorola's Hint QA30 gets official

We weren’t particularly impressed when we got our first peek at MOTO’s QWERTY-sliding Hint QA30 yesterday morning, finding the form factor to be a little too squat for our tastes whether open or closed. Today the phone has been given the official treatment and, while things look a little better in a new set of glamor shots from Motorola (no more Alltel branding on the UI), the “innovative” design still doesn’t look particularly comfortable to carry or to use. Now that we can make out the buttons on the front we see that they’ll serve as controls for the media player when closed, again making us think this should be a good choice for your family’s texting-addict rocker. The specs we got before are confirmed, the one exception being that the microSD support tops out at 8GB, not 32GB — better turn down that bitrate, son.

Motorola's Hint QA30 gets official

    First pics of Motorola’s MOTO QA30 QWERTY slider

    First pics of Motorola's MOTO QA30 QWERTY slider
    Sliders are typically known for offering the best of both worlds: the sophisticated, clean looks you want hiding the ugly, QWERTY keypad you need. Motorola’s bucking that trend with the chunky MOTO QA30, looking rather utilitarian open or closed and featuring the sort of squat form-factor that didn’t exactly woo us on the UTStarcom TXT8010. The 2.5-inch 320 x 240 screen is a bit on the small side, but an integrated 3.5mm headphone jack and stereo Bluetooth 2.0, plus support for up to 32GB microSD cards, should make this a reasonably good choice for anyone needing a texting-friendly handset that can serve up some tunes. No word on price or availability, but we’d guess “affordable” and “soon.”


    Motorola’s Attila even more cruel in the wild

    That’s some beefy phone Motorola’s got there. Assuming, of course, we’re not looking at a KIRF which is entirely possible in the three months since the initial leaked Attila (or is it Atila?) image — that iPhone looking UI / theme pictured after the break doesn’t help with the legitimacy either. Regardless, it’s not like you’re holding out for this 320 x 240 pixel WinMo 6.1 candybar anyway, right? No matter how many HSPA frequencies (three, ok) it supports. Embarrassing Moto, embarrassing. One more shot after the break just to rub it in.

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    Cartier-adorned Motorola A1600 makes no apologies

    by Chris Ziegler,on

    By its very nature, the MING series has never been the most understated lineup of phones money could buy — but if the trick transparent cover isn’t enough to turn some heads your way on your next trip to Taiwan, can we recommend this instead? It seems Moto has teamed up with Cartier in some capacity here to trick out the A1600 with enough gold and fake (well, hopefully fake) croc skin to make all but the most unabashedly flashy buyers cringe. At $28,000 TWD (about $867), it’s no Vertu — so it’s kinda ironic that they’ve somehow managed to outdo all but the most ridiculous Vertus on the tacky luxury meter, isn’t it?