Motorola’s Attila even more cruel in the wild

That’s some beefy phone Motorola’s got there. Assuming, of course, we’re not looking at a KIRF which is entirely possible in the three months since the initial leaked Attila (or is it Atila?) image — that iPhone looking UI / theme pictured after the break doesn’t help with the legitimacy either. Regardless, it’s not like you’re holding out for this 320 x 240 pixel WinMo 6.1 candybar anyway, right? No matter how many HSPA frequencies (three, ok) it supports. Embarrassing Moto, embarrassing. One more shot after the break just to rub it in.

[Thanks, Anthony C.]


HTC Touch Pro breaks free on Verizon

If it’s just gotta be Windows Mobile then the HTC Touch Pro is about as good as it gets. After HTC jumped the gun yesterday, the Touch Pro is up and dancing the QWERTY slide on Verizon’s website exactly as rumored. $419.99 minus that $70 mail-rebate makes it yours for $350 with two-year contract. Right, $50 more than with AT&T.


Samsung Omnia makes official Verizon appearance

Not that we’ve any reason to be shocked here, but Samsung’s Omnia is indeed coming to Verizon Wireless. ‘Course, most everyone with any remote affiliation to Big

Red is frenzied over that other phone today, but those with a soft spot for Windows Mobile 6.1 may want to give this one a bit of attention. You know the highlight s

pecs by now — a 5-megapixel camera / camcorder, full HTML browser and an expansive touchscreen

— but the nitty-gritty details are still being withheld. As of now, the link on Samsung’s website tunnels straight to an error page, forcing us to be content with the knowledge that somehow, someday, this phone is destined for a life on VZW’s shelves. Enlarged screengrab is after the jump.