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Hey guys u am back due to a problem i had to abondon the project boombox a a time being I ll Start Updating My TECH BLOG by may be the eve of New year .This time with a new concept and many More.

Thanks For Your Support

Sorry Guys

There may be no update until i get my project completed .I am On a Project  “Rock Box(or Boom Box)”. Its a Project related to iPhone .As Soon As i COmpleted i will show you all the details

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Gaurav Shah

Awethumb is amaathing!

Whittling might have been a hoax and Blackberry massages just a ruse, but the Awethumb is all too real — and all too freaking amazing. Yeah, we’re not at all sure that these $8 plastic thumbguards — available in your choice of colors! — will actually protect you from repetitive stress or even make typing easier, but all the dudes and dudettes on the El train will know you mean business when you slip ’em on. As an added bonus, lack of compatibility with the iPhone will allow you to express your disdain for touchscreens in a satisfyingly dramatic way — if you can’t rock it with an Awethumb, you’re not rockin’. Ah, to be young and ensheathed in plastic thumb protectors. Frankly astounding video after the break.

Awethumb is amaathing! – Engadget

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28 Bad Things That Will Happen On Black Friday

A Fry’s electronic worker has posted his predictions for 28 bad things that happen inside stores this Black Friday. There’s things on there like registers being down, full-on face-punching between customers, and customers and employees getting away with shoplifting. It’s not just for Fry’s, I imagine these things will be happening in stores across America, assuming people have any money left to go Black Friday shopping this year. Maybe you can make the 28 things inside into a Bingo Card and play against your friends…

1) Cash register, POS outage and Servers are down
2) 3-5 hours to checkout and sometimes the line never moves. See 1
3) No available shopping carts.
4) A line that wraps around the outside twice because of people waiting in line since Thanksgiving Day.
5) Checkout line that wraps around everything inside the store like spaghetti.
6) Parking lot is packed to a point you have to park on Walmart property.
7) Customers hording anything they can get their hands on.
8) Employees hording ad items.
9) Pushing, shoving, running, and running people over with a shopping cart.
10) Most sale items gone within 1 hour. Very low in inventory to begin with.
11) Customers punching each other in the face / and other fighting.
12) Customers and Employees getting away with stealing.
13) Customer walkouts.
14) Customers abandoning sales associates commission quotes.
15) Employees lying to you about items being sold out.
16) Employees lying to you to buy items they claim are on sale but are not.
17) Employees lying to you about the extended warranty and tacking it or other extras onto your quote. Beware of fake bundles.
18) Employees aiding customers to front of line for buying warranties, wireless installations, or fake bundles.
19) Customers cutting others in line.
20) Employees fighting over customers or commissions
21) Employees stealing other customers from each other.
22) Employees ignoring customers who are cheap.
23) Employees working odd hours from 3am to 12am midnight, with inadequate breaks
24) Customers start buying products they saw in the leaked Black Friday ad before Black Friday and try to get an Low Price Guarantee or price match on Black Friday will be turned away and be very frustrated.
25) Customers will steal products from other customers.
26) Your possessions will be stolen from your car while you shop.
27) People will get hurt.
28) People will get arrested.

Is the list complete? Add your predictions that he missed in the comments.

Nokia slips out 5 megapixel 6260 slide with AGPS, a first for S40 devices

Peeped in spy pics on these Interwebs since June, Nokia just went official with the 6260 slide. Unfortunately, “slide” in this case reveals a numeric keypad not a QWERTY. Otherwise, it’s pretty much an iterative step beyond the 6220 classic. As such, we’re looking at a 5 megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss lens, WiFi, and HSDPA/HSUPA data to quickly share photos and video on Nokia’s Ovi service with the promise of support for other photo and video sharing sites you might actually use. The 6260 slide also features Nokia Maps riding AGPS — a first for a mass market, Series 40 device. Ships in early 2009 for about €299 before taxes and carrier subsidies, naturally.

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Apple Promotes Environmentally Friendly Notebooks in New Ad

Written by arn,https://i2.wp.com/images.macrumors.com/im/macrumors_side_logo.gif

Apple has set up a new page promoting their MacBooks as the “world’s greenest family of notebooks.”

When we redesigned the new Macbook, our designers and engineers set a goal of making not only the greenest notebook Apple ever produced, but the greenest family of notebooks. So every new Macbook has been built using materials that are highly recyclable and free of many harmful substances present in other computers.

Apple claims that they have worked hard to eliminate many toxins, including mercury and arsenic, and the unibody enclosure is promoted as desirable to recyclers. Other benefits include reduced packaging and more energy efficiency. Apple has also posted a new television advertisement promoting this campaign.

The ad began airing tonight. Apple has been criticized in the past by some over environmental concerns. Apple has been posting regular updates about their progress with respect to the environmental impact of their products.